• Ohio lost more bees to cold winter than to Colony Collapse Disorder
The Plain Dealer – cleveland.com – Cleveland,OH,USA
How are honeybees doing after a full season of coping with Colony Collapse Disorder, which caused about half of the bees to abandon their hives and never …
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Breakthrough on mystery of vanishing bees
By waegari(Paul Laudanski (mailto:admin@peakoil.com))
… America in unprecedented numbers and, until this month, no one seemed to be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt what the cause may have been. What has been dubbed “colony collapse disorder” can work through a honey bee colony…
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Help Burt’s Bees Fight Colony Collapse Disorder
This is a serious sitiuation that threatens the survival of all humans and the earth its-self. We need to save the bees all over the place.
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The Worst New Phrase Of 2007
By Kevin(Jenny & Kevin)
Still others reflect important events that have occurred during the year, such as “colony collapse disorder,” which refers to the disease that has killed millions of bees throughout the United States and threatened the entire …
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Colony Collapse News
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2007: The Year in Jargon
By Jeff Ventura
chief sustainability officer crowdsource e-mail bankruptcy forever stamp FTW global weirding lolcat tumblelog. Words That Are Apparently Popular Somewhere astronaut diaper boot camp flu boom colony collapse disorder drama-price …
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So long 2007, the year of climate change. Hello, 2008, another …
Seattle Post Intelligencer – USA
Other big e-stories this year, IMHO, were the bees’ colony collapse disorder, the California wildfires, drought in the Southeast and Chinese toys that …
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