AGRICULTURE: State surveys beekeepers on health of ND colonies
Grand Forks Herald (subscription) – Grand Forks,ND,USA
“In particular, the Colony Collapse Disorder that has devastated bee colonies throughout the country is still a matter of considerable concern. …
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Factory Farming and Colony Collapse Disorder are YOUR Problems
It therefore opens the door for letters to the editor detailing the suffering on factory farms. is a great source of information. The Magazine Section runs many letters each week, and they are widely read, …
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Bees Wellbeing
KFYR-TV – Bismarck,ND,USA
Beekeepers in several states have reported bees mysteriously abandoning their hives, a condition called colony collapse disorder. …
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Stocks surge as Kahn lesly bet on rate cut.
By jemmieinamullah
Page structure tweaks for layout editor wireframe. Org collide lyrics by howie day i make my living selling houses. Honey bees in to per cent of all Journe hives in the US have vanished owing to colony collapse disorder. (more…)
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MRSA – honey bees – and a new riddle
By kmyers(kmyers)
I had another post about the colony collapse disorder affecting honey bee populations around the world but never had a chance to publish it. However, I did mention the subject here. Michael’s article focusses more on how we’re treating …
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Our Decrepit Food Factories.
By Pollan, Michael
New York Times Magazine (1989 to 1994); 12/16/2007 (AN 27922251) Academic Search Elite.
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The Magnificent ’07
Grist Magazine – Seattle,WA,USA
If so-called “colony collapse disorder” doesn’t freak you out, you aren’t paying attention: every fruit, nut, and vegetable you’ve ever eaten traces its …
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lies,lies,lies and bees,bees,bees
By ellen
Colony Collapse Disorder, the myserious disappearance of honeybees, continues to be a problem in the United States and other parts of the world. Honeybees play a critical role in agriculture, as they are responsible for pollinating …
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Bees unexpected
By Kimberly
I just attended a two-hour lecture An Introduction to Beekeeping, in which I was surprised–in the midst of all that technical talk about building hives, Colony Collapse Disorder, pesticides and big corporations, pollination, broods, …
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Mystery of the Vanishing Pollinators.
CQ Researcher; 11/30/2007 (AN 27957976) MasterFILE Premier.
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Michael Pollan on what “sustainability” means. And also bees.
By slaniel
Colony Collapse Disorder was first identified in 2006, when a Pennsylvanian beekeeper noticed that his bees were disappearing — going out on foraging expeditions in the morning never to return. Within months, beekeepers in 24 states …
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