Factory Farming and Colony Collapse Disorder are YOUR Problems
By nothoney
It is called Colony Collapse Disorder, and it threatens a whole agricultural system that relies on pollination from bees. We read, “Entomologists have yet to identify the culprit, but suspects include a virus, agricultural pesticides …
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Crisis in the Beehive.
By Santerre, Jason
Harrowsmith Country Life (11908416); 12/01/2007 (AN 27570234) MasterFILE Premier.
colony collapse disorder on 2007-04-2… – http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&AuthType=cookie,cpid,ip&custid=noble&db=f5h&db=buh&db=hxh&db=hch&db=afh&bquery=colony+collapse+disorder&type=0&site=ehost-live&scope=site

Man Out To Protect Bees
Tampa Tribune – Tampa,FL,USA
At a time when commercial beekeepers are reeling from a little-understood disorder known as colony collapse disorder, in which, for unknown causes, …
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Our Decrepit Food Factories
By T. Scott Brineman(T. Scott Brineman)
Colony Collapse Disorder was first identified in 2006, when a Pennsylvanian beekeeper noticed that his bees were disappearing – going out on foraging expeditions in the morning never to return. Within months, beekeepers in 24 states …
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