Digest – Commentary: Pollan on “sustainability,” more locavore …
By Ethicurean
Pollan is nice and green, naturally: Michael Pollan uses two of this year’s alarming crises — Colony Collapse Disorder in bees and drug-resistant staph (MRSA) that may originate from antibiotics fed to hogs — to illuminate, …br> The Ethicurean: Chew the right thing. – http://www.ethicurean.com

Of Cynicism, Sows, and CCD
By Kate Hopkins
Secondly, he touches upon the colony collapse disorder from the bees. In 2005 the demand for honeybees in California had so far outstripped supply that the USDA approved the importation of bees from Australia. …
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Senator Bob Casey Applauds Passage of Farm Bill with Improvements …
All American Patriots (press release) – Taeby,NA,Sweden
Colony Collapse Disorder: The Farm Bill includes, as a high priority research item, an authorization for a $20 million a year study into the growing problem …
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a nice word
By Ben(Kevin)
Colony Collapse Disorder was first identified in 2006, when a Pennsylvanian beekeeper noticed that his bees were disappearing — going out on foraging expeditions in the morning never to return. Within months, beekeepers in 24 states …
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Michael Pollan on Sustainability
(Former RFT staff writer Malcolm Gay wrote about colony collapse disorder earlier this year. Click here to read his article.) Pollan fans take note: His new book, In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto, will be published on January 1 …
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Are Almonds Too Cheap?
By ryan
… emissions to all that bee shipping might make the growing of almonds in smaller orchards and more places profitable. In which case you could add another negative externality averted to carbon pricing’s resume: colony collapse disorder.
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Resilience & sustainability
By Rich(Rich)
Michael Pollan has an interesting article in The New York Times Magazine which manages to mention both antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria and the Israeli Acute Paralysis Virus that’s been implicated in Bee Colony Collapse Disorder …
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