Colony Collapse Research Continues
Farm Futures – Carol Stream,IL,USA
Dubbed Colony Collapse Disorder, the affliction has a major impact on agriculture because bees are the number one pollinator of crops. …
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State scientists study honeybee problems
The Patriot-News – – Harrisburg,PA,USA
The department has been studying honey bees to find the cause of colony collapse, which is reducing the number of bees available to pollinate crops. …
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Bees’ disappearing act may spell trouble for Florida citrus groves
By michelle
Researchers still are struggling to understand the phenomenon known as colony collapse disorder. The problem isn’t confined to a few hobbyist honey farmers or even the 1000 or so professional beekeepers in Florida. …
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Daily Deal: Free Wildflowers Seeds
By Paige
The Lowdown: In their quest to help aid Colony Collapse Disorder, Burt’s Bees is offering free wildflower seeds so you can attract honeybees to your corner of the world. It’s an easy — and beautiful — way to do your part. …
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Action Nooze Reporting
Buried amidst all of the scare stories this week about cell phones causing Colony Collapse Disorder in honeybees is a more important point: populations of pollinators have been in decline for years. The importance of pollinators to …
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How Beekeepers Deal with Colony Collapse Disorder
Daily Green – USA
As reported in the last entry, signs of Colony Collapse Disorder are beginning to show again in colonies belonging to beekeepers that had this problem last …
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Vanishing Bees
By Devorah(Devorah)
“Colony Collapse Disorder” has been reported in:. USA (27 states); Canada; United Kingdom; Australia; Poland; India; Spain; Italy; Portugal; Greece; Belgium; Switzerland; Germany; Taiwan; Brazil; Guatemala; The Netherlands; Germany. …

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By 4starsf(4starsf)
Reclusive beekeeper tries to save his own family from their version of colony collapse disorder. First DVD copy. WIZARD OF OZ—SPECIAL EDITION. Musical. Judy Garland/Ray Bolger/Burt Lahr. Directed by Victor Flemming. * New DVD copy. …
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