Silent Spring, Revisited: Bee Dieoff Shows Importance of Watershed …
In the article below, they are calling what is potentially a pesticide or insecticide mass die-off a novel obfuscating term: ‘colony collapse disorder’. Is that like calling pesticide pollution a strange unknown “bird dieoff …
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Science Has Spoken, Now Shut Up Post below lifted from Taranto …
According to Mr McGauran, the latest genetic evidence debunks claims that imported Australian bees introduced a virus linked to the mysterious disappearance of US honeybees, a phenomenon called colony collapse disorder. …

Disappearance of Bees
By Inukshuk(Inukshuk)
>From a 2007 issue of a newsletter by the David Suzuki Foundation comes an article about the bee disappearances: ASK A SCIENTIST Dr. Faisal Moola What’s the buzz on the disappearing bees? Colony collapse disorder is a plague that has hit …
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“Cool Cities” Act Passes Illinois Senate
Buried amidst all of the scare stories this week about cell phones causing Colony Collapse Disorder in honeybees is a more important point: populations of pollinators have been in decline for years. The importance of pollinators to …
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Researchers clear Aussie bees of US colony collapse
ABC Online – Australia
US Department of Agriculture (USDA) spokesmen Dr Jay Evans and Dr Yanping Chen question the role of the bee virus in the so-called Colony Collapse Disorder …
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[talking into a honey jar]
By GKG(Roberto C. Madruga)
Perhaps you’ve heard something about a little phenomenon regarding the bee population known as Colony Collapse Disorder (referred to as CCD henceforth). CCD concerns a recent mass disappearance of bee colony populations that have left …
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colony collapse disorder: a still-unexplained phenomenon resulting in the widespread disappearance of honeybees from beehives, first observed in late 2006 cougar: an older woman who romantically pursues younger men.
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aussie bees cleared of us colony collapse?
ABC Science Online – Australia
… in the so-called colony collapse disorder (ccd). their study has found the suspect virus was already in the country before australian imports started. …
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