Australian Bees Not Behind Malady Destroying Hives (Update1)
Bloomberg – USA
Israeli Acute Paralysis Virus, which researchers in September showed strongly correlates with the presence of Colony Collapse Disorder, has been in the US …
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Latest Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences News
Researchers are scrambling to find answers to what’s causing an affliction recently named Colony Collapse Disorder, which has decimated commercial …

Colony Collapse Disorder: Back Again, Only Worse?
Hives show worrying signs, including new symptoms. article feed –

Australian bees acquitted
By virophile(virophile)
We learned in Scott Smith’s parasite’s class about the disappearance of US honeybees, something called colony collapse disorder. One prevalent theory was that this was caused by a virus that Australian honeybees had brought over. …
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Scientific Kerfuffle Over Colony Collapse Disorder
Daily Green – USA
By Dan Shapley First, there was the study that seemed to shed light on the problem of colony collapse disorder, highlighting an intriguing link between an …
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vanishing bees
By Joshua(Joshua)
because of colony collapse disorder (CCD). … Inter Press Service: Over the past year, honey bees have been dying across North America in unprecedented numbers and, until this month, no one seemed to be able …
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