Come on in ‘The Kitchen’
By The Serious Eats Team
The film investigates Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)—the rapid disappearance of billions of honeybees from hives around the world—and shines a light on the vital role honeybees play in our economy and the food we put on our tables. …
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Honeybee colony collapse disorder: Alternative causes still being … – Taichung,Taiwan
This phenomenon, referred to as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), is not yet well understood; even the existence of the disorder remains in dispute. …
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Refreshingly, UH treated a bee colony with respect for the vital …
Houston Chronicle – United States
Beekeepers in 35 states began noticing in 2006 the phenomenon scientists have come to call colony collapse disorder, a serious die-off of honey bee colonies …
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Aussie bees cleared of US colony collapse?
By Mari Enchanted Basque
Claims that Australia exported a virus that may have caused US bee colonies to collapse have been questioned with the release of new scientific findings. Submitted by Mari Enchanted Basque to Science & Tech | Note-it! | Add a Comment.
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The Burt’s Bees Guy is Real!
This is a PSA for Burt’s Bees addressing colony collapse disorder, but if you want to see the real Burt from Burt’s Bess, here he is!
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Independent Study Finds Bees Thrive Away From Cropland
By Beyond Pesticides
(Beyond Pesticides, November 16, 2007) A Pennsylvania beekeeper, John McDonald, has undertaken a study of agriculture’s effect on colony collapse disorder (CCD) of honeybees. After writing an article for the The San Francisco Chronicle …
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The Latest Buzz: Burt’s Bees Takes on Colony Collapse Disorder
By Leslie Berliant
Busy Bee courtesy of Natalie Dee While the causes of the disappearance of North American honey bees, known as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), are still unclear, the personal care company Burt’s Bees is not waiting around to find out …
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Word of the Year
By (C. Alan Joyce)
2007 and popularized in the blogging community); colony collapse disorder: a still-unexplained phenomenon resulting in the widespread disappearance of honeybees from beehives, first observed in late 2006; tase (or taze): to stun with a …
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Word of the Year
Finalists included the much-maligned new film genre “mumblecore” and harbinger-of-the-apocalypse “colony collapse disorder.” But where, we ask, is “vajayjay”? Best 10 Links:. Oxford Word of the Year: Locavore; Language Log: Locavore Or …
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The Real “Bee Movie”-The Vanishing of The Bees
By Margarita
Someone’s finally made a documentary about the current honeybee crisis–and it’s impact and implications imply yet another “inconvenient truth”. Please go. See. Share. original news source.
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By admin
Knowone knows what is causing this problem in Europe and USA. Some of the possible causes are GMO crops, climate change, virus, mobile phone towers and many more. Albert Einstein once said if bees were to disappear mankind could only …
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