Observations of Colony Collapse Disorder
Hampton Union – Exeter,NH,USA
By Luke Pontbriand We had an observation hive experience CCD, (Colony Collapse Disorder), well, here are my observations. An observation hive is usually two …
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Bee mystery concerns scientists across continent
Globe and Mail – Canada
The problem, called colony collapse disorder, seems far removed from Dawson Creek, BC, but Dennis van Engelsdorp, the state of Pennsylvania’s acting state …
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Colony Collapse Jeopardizing Beekeepers
A leading beekeeper who lost many bees to the mysterious colony collapse disorder tells 60 Minutes correspondent Steve Kroft one more die-off will put him out of business.
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Why Bees Are Nothing to Laugh At
By Dan
In recent months, you couldn’t Google “honey bee” without stumbling over the quote and its erroneous attribution, as the United States has come to grips with Colony Collapse Disorder, a honey bee affliction that is as mysterious and …
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Human Colony Collapse
Kansas City Star – MO,USA
Whenever family planning was mentioned in the late sixties in Latin America it was not so much the Catholic Church that got upset but the Marxists. …
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Mushrooms on the Bee Brain
By kean(kean)
This article concerning colony collapse Disorder was posted today on rense news: http://www.rense.com/general78/cdan.htm “It is commonly held that bees orient themselves to light and upon returning to the hive go through a complex dance …
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Colony Collapse Disorder
Bill talked about the disappearing bees last year and i started following stories about it. It is real. It is not hype. Bee farmers allover this.
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Breeding and CCD, the big IF.
By Tim Arheit
Recently scientists claim to have found a significant connection between IAPV and Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). It is still a great matter of debate if IAPV causes CCD, is a contributing factor, a symptom, or something else. …
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Mystery of the dying bees
By 911review
“We are extremely alarmed,” said Diana Cox-Foster, the professor of Entomology at Penn States University and one of the leading members of a specially convened colony-collapse disorder working group. …
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The Fulfillment of an Agrarian Life? I Wish I Could Be A Farmer
By McAuliflower
Recent thoughts rolling around my head and making me feel listless… statistics gleaned from the Fall 2007 Edible Portland article Help Wanted: Young Farmers. Like the declining bees, breaking up in colony collapse, several signs point …
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