There’s no questioning who rules this hive — Seinfeld wrote …
London Free Press – Canada
“I’m sure you may have heard about the bee crisis, colony collapse disorder, have you read about that here in Canada? It’s happening everywhere, where bees …
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‘Nature’ wants to create buzz about bee crisis
Kansas City Star – MO,USA
“Nature” will look at the colony collapse disorder that is depleting the country’s bee population and has been the subject of much hand-wringing in …
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Update on the solution to the dying honey bee. I wish the news was …
By andy padon
What you’re hearing about, “colony collapse disorder,” affects one species of bee – the European honey bee. That species happens to be the one global agriculture relies upon for about 30% of its pollination requirements. …

Vanishing Bees Endanger US Agriculture in Colony Collapse Disorder
By Launchpad(Launchpad)
… into the idea of adapting other bees to be used as pollinators. The US Department of Agriculture calculated in June that colony collapse disorder might cause as much as $75 billion in losses to the US agriculture industry and economy.
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Colony Collapse Disorder
By Steph(Steph)
CCD. More proof that we can and will label every being with a “disorder”, even if that someone is a honeybee. Poor nutrition, exposure to pesticides, a virus…ain’t that America. On another note, while I’m on a role, impeach!
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Disappearing bees—what will colony collapse disorder affect your life?
By Mike(Mike)
We stand on the brink of a disaster that could make global warming look like a Sunday school picnic. Bees in Canada and the US are disappearing fast, and no one yet knows why. There are dozens of theories, but no definitive answer. …

freddie @ 2007-10-28T20:03:00
By Freddie(Freddie)
Anyway they did the little teaser thing and Kiki said to me (this is before the story, mind) “Yeah, that CCD is a real problem.” “CCD?” “Colony collapse disorder. It’s a real mystery, and theres a lot of consequences, maybe stuff we …
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colony collapse disorder
By Polixenes(Polixenes)
bee colony collapse disorder colony collapse disorder cell phones honey bee colony collapse disorder mysterious colony collapse disorder colony collapse disorder ccd colony collapse disorder working group what is colony collapse …
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Your Entire World is in this Box
By eRobin S
Tonight’s Nature is about Colony Collapse Disorder. When ill, bees fly off to die alone to protect the hive. The show is reporting the “disappearance” of millions of bees worldwide. I don’t think the bees are sick. …
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‘SILENCE OF THE BEES’! They could be extinct by 2035.
By Vicky F.
Since honeybees are responsible for 1 out of 3 bites of food we eat, scientists are scrambling to find the cause and cure of CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder). If the honeybees and their colonies disappear, so will most of our fruits and …
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