Anniversary Crash Linkfest: Week in Preview
By ritholtz
Blue Orchard Bees Find Favor in Colony Collapse Disorder Peril: Rosalind James steps into a Styrofoam shelter surrounded by thousands of wild bees. Dozens buzz past the entomologist as she examines blocks that contain 3540 holes for …
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Down Two Hives – Just Like That
Given the apparent short period of time it took for this to occur, Colony Collapse Disorder does pop into our minds. I guess we’ll call the Dept. of Ag. this week and let them know what happened. If it is CCD, I suppose the Dept. of Ag. …
The Bee Buzz –

Bee keepers fight off bad buzz
Brazosport Facts (subscription) – Clute,TX,USA
Beekeepers are contending with more current problems, such as varroa mites and a mysterious problem called „colony collapse syndrome. …
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Stop Smoking With Natural Tea Leaves
Honey bees‚ colony collapse disorder might be related to pesticide exposure. For the past decade, beekeepers have treated their hives with pesticides to combat two kinds of mites that parasitize the bees and entomologist Walter (Steve) …
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Life goes on
I’ve seen the Murray River dry out completely and the lack of water and colony collapse disorder amongst pollinators have a catastrophic impact on food supplies here in Oz (and also in the US). I don’t want to sound pessimistic or …
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The giving spirit
By yanciln(yanciln)
For example, she’d like to get a hive of bees to help Colony Collapse Disorder. Yet… Buddha went to a birthday party the other day. The dad of the birthday princess thinks that Buddha is a wonderful, smart, talented kid. …
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