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Blue Orchard Bees Find Favor in Colony Collapse Disorder Peril Bloomberg – The most recent round of experiments began in 2003 and is funded at about $1.4 million a year, paying for five researchers, assistants and equipment. …
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Blue Orchard Bees Find Favor in Colony Collapse Disorder Peril
Bloomberg – USA
James leads a US Department of Agriculture team in Logan, Utah, that is fighting fallout from Colony Collapse Disorder. The malady has killed at least 2 …
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Honeybees may not be unwelcome tourists after all
ABC Online – Australia
… to other countries, as other countries to the US.” Mr Hackett says there is today an association between the virus and so-called Colony Collapse Disorder.
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NATURE | Silence of the Bees | Preview | PBS
>From crop fields to hi-tech labs, across the northeast US, Europe and Asia, “NATURE” follows the investigation into “Colony Collapse Disorder,” which portends possible catastrophe – failed businesses, skyrocketing food prices, …
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Fit to Bee Tied
That’s the what’s really surprising about colony collapse disorder. Not that it happened. But that it didn’t happen sooner. We have really got to get away from the idea of agriculture as industry and find our way back to the wisdom that …
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The Bee Thing-Locally
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But she speak with concern about Colony Collapse Disorder: „ Now bees are not even coming home. They are getting lost and not coming home.‰ In her opinion, the cause might be genetically modified corn. For the past eight years, …
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Karma| Karma and the Genesis Cost
By Caryn Colgan
Nature’s tiny alchemists, the honey bees, are dying by the millions in a malady called Colony Collapse Disorder. Now is the time to use our individual and group free will to create better karma for ourselves. …
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Interesting Things About Small Things
Conservation International Frontlines – Washington,DC,USA
A. Honeybees in the US have been in decline since the 1940s from mites and a recent phenomenon called Colony Collapse Disorder, when worker bees suddenly …
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