EPA’s Science Green Technology | Solar Power in North Carolina
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EPA’s Science Green TechnologyBelieve Me The Honey Bee Crisis is Bad! My Oh My this is getting serious. What is happening to our honey bees? We have been.
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TLC for bees / Don’t consider exterminating honeybees; an expert
By tmartinez
Honeybee populations have taken a hit; the insects are dying off at an unprecedented rate from colony collapse disorder — the cause of death attributed to parasites, pesticides and still-unknown reasons. “Beekeepers are losing between
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Heifer Blog | The Official Blog of Heifer International: A Savior
By Austin Bailey, World Ark senior editor
Her work is especially important as scientists all over the world scramble to save these hugely important pollinators from the mysterious colony collapse disorder that’s threatening crops everywhere. Bookmark and Share
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wildsingapore news: ‘Pollination crisis’ hitting India’s vegetable
By ria
In 2007, about one third of the US domesticated bee population was wiped out as a result of a phenomenon known as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), with some commercial hive owners losing up to 90% of their bees.
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NICK COLEMAN » Blog Archive » From the vault: U of M bee
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Possible explanations for colony collapse disorder — in which entire colonies of bees vanish or die — include viral diseases, parasites and the use of pesticides. In addition, drought and increased monoculture farming — the large-scale
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Could Colony Collapse Disorder be ebbing? – http://www
Could Colony Collapse Disorder be ebbing? – http://www. centralvalleybusinesstimes.com/stories/001/?ID=16414&ewrd=1.