Supersister Podcast!
By eeryder
CCD Radio Show #2 : Supersisters PART 1 Click to hear Flight of the Bumblebee, Evelyn Glennie For Me To Say, Frida Hyvomen, from Esopus #8: Spam EE on Queens and Drones Femme, Isabelle Massu Dan Conlan of Warm Colors Apiary …
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Local farmers to OSU: Bee worried
Corvallis Gazette Times – Corvallis,OR,USA
The problem is commonly called colony collapse disorder, and it’s linked to a virus that can be transmitted by mites. The die-off could result in far less …
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Killing Nicholas Cage Won’t Bring Back Your Honey: Colony Collapse …
By Sarah
Hey, remember Colony Collapse Disorder? It was Spring 2007’s Summer of the Shark. Except for the part where it was a real concern, instead of just a media-conflated mass-panic designed to sell 24-hour cable news in a season where …
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Colony collapse disorder disorder
By Fred(Fred)
(But as it turns out, colony collapse disorder is caused by disease, not by the vile hand of technology. And there are plenty of other bee species to pollinate our foods anyway. And more efficiently. Oops.) …
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By hanako!(hanako!)
This particularly made me smile because I had just watched a PBS documentary on Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)– essentially the unexplained disappearance of workers– in American honeybees, which made me both sad and a bit concerned. …
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Colony Collapse Disorder
clusterflock – Fort Worth,TX,USA
Solitary Bees need not concern themselves with such things, but still, here’s an interesting podcast I was listening to today. …
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Colony Collapse Disorder
By The Future-rustic by Joni Murphy(The Future-rustic by Joni Murphy)
“Is this where we are? We know that the bees cannot take our pesticides, but still, ‘organic is so expensive’. Our own bodies cannot take our rapid acceleration, but still one has to keep up. We know flying makes footprints in the sky …
The Future-Rustic –

The recent and not so recent Buzz on Bees
By cashmere101(cashmere101)
Whichever the reason or reasons for the bee population decrease, Congress is being approached to help bee growers around the nation, and has been dubbed the “colony collapse disorder” or CCD (Santini). This CCD is of great concern, …
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Season of hope
By admin
The growing California almond industry depends on honeybees to pollinate the trees. As Colony Collapse Disorder shrinks the bee population, the cost of renting hives has soared. Every spring, just as the […]
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Buffalo Mozzarella, Compostable Bags, and Cheap FoodTop food news …
By Faith
California produces almost 80% of the world’s almonds, and farmers are worried that the 2008 crop may be poor due to Colony Collapse Disorder. Our friends at Slashfood wrote up a great post on cheap food resources with the coming …
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Honey Bees Colenies Still Collapsing
By river(river)
>From the BBC: Colony collapse disorder (CCD) emerged last year, and by spring 2007 bees were dying in huge numbers – over the year as a whole the total bee population fell by 30%…More.
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The Great Sunflower Project
By Claire Splan(Claire Splan)
If you’re concerned about bee colony collapse disorder and the miscellaneous other problems affecting pollinators around the country, check out the Great Sunflower Project. When you register to join the project, they’ll send you a pack …
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The buzz about the almond industry’s worker bees
Mail Tribune – Medford,OR,USA
Most recently, plagued by a mysterious condition called Colony Collapse Disorder, or CCD, honeybee colonies across the country have been vanishing, …
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Has Colony Collapse Disorder Reached Canada?
By Mathew
Did your bees die of Colony Collapse Disorder this winter? That’s the $64000 question right now. In parts of the US bees are going gangbusters and looking like they are supposed to look in early April … strong, ready, willing and able. … –