Digest – Features: A+ for bee-minus story, cattlemen no …
By Ethicurean
Queen of the bees: Colony collapse disorder in US bees “may have many contributing causes,” writes Gina Covina in this terrific Terrain article posted on AlterNet, “but it comes down to bees hitting the biological limits of our …
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EXPO: Rossman brings bees back
Moultrie Observer – Moultrie,GA,USA
A concern among beekeepers is the rise of the Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), but Rossman said he has not been affected by the disease. …
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Beekeepers abuzz over rare Va. hive
Delmarva Daily Times – MD,USA
More recently in the news, it has been called “colony collapse disorder,” in which bees have simply vanished. “It’s very unusual, in the first place, …
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Silence of the Bees – Next on NATURE
By neal hecker
… “NATURE” follows the investigation into “Colony Collapse Disorder,” which portends possible catastrophe – failed businesses, skyrocketing food prices, unsustainable labor costs, and depleted supplies of essential crops. …
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Honeybee collapse linked to deadly virus invasion
By eivindm
A virus has been identified that is strongly associated with colony collapse disorder in the United States, according to a new study conducted by researchers from Pennsylvania State University, Columbia University, the US Department of …
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Feeling Better About Things–Right On!
By pixiechick_sw(pixiechick_sw)
The bees showed none of the signs of colony collapse or anything like that, we just made some mistakes and they died. I am sad about that, but I also know that it is part of the process and now we will know more what kind of advise to …
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