Honey Bee Wipeout: Try Malnutrition as a Major Cause
By LibPatriot
Among the potential causes of “colony collapse disorder” is a rather stunning possible contribution: bee malnutrition. The conversion of agricultural lands to “factory farms” devoid of all except the “target crops” necessitates …
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Are Bees the Next Mass-Extinction Species?
By Casey Kazan Daily Galaxy Editorial Staff
I have a friend, a physician here in San Francisco, who lost both his hives of Italian honeybees to Colony Collapse Disorder and he was just as mystified as everyone else by this phenomena in which outwardly healthy colonies of bees …
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What Was Behind the Honey Bee Wipeout?
By admin
The flurry of media attention given this winter’s bee losses, now labeled “colony collapse disorder,” has updated the world of bees for a heretofore-clueless public. Our image of honeybees is a lot like our bucolic images of farm …
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Colony Collapse Disorder Symposium Added to ESA Annual Meeting
PR Newswire (press release) – New York,NY,USA
“This symposium will introduce many of the areas of concern for bee health and Colony Collapse Disorder, and it features many of the top scientists who are …
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Bee Moves: Learning to Love the Helpful Pollinators
Daily Green – USA
And that’s what’s been giving them their 15 minutes of fame – the mysterious plague called CCD (colony collapse disorder) has destroyed so many colonies …
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Beekeepers feel sting of mystery hive ailment
Union Democrat – Sonora,CA,USA
The ailment, named Colony Collapse Disorder, quickly spread to California and 26 other states. Jim Peet, owner of Peet Apiaries in Valley Springs, …
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Bee Studies, Take Two. D’Oh!
Jonathan Eisen recants a critical post and replaces it with this analysis of why the recent paper on bee colony collapse disorder is worth reading.
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