Beekeeping courses might unearth hive problems
Cherry Hill Courier Post – Cherry Hill,NJ,USA
This decline has been named Colony Collapse Disorder. There is no definitive answer to explain the decline in bee colonies. Some theories include bacteria, …
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Another colony collapse disorder…
AgWeb – USA
We spent several shows talking about Colony Collapse Disorder in honeybees last year on USFR (Now on Channel 225 of DirecTV!!). Despite our best efforts, …
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I just discovered that bees are slaves. I never knew that. In the …
By marinamichaels
Many years ago, Rudolph Steiner predicted that our beekeeping practices would weaken honeybees, to the point that we would have the exact problems we are having today with colony collapse disorder.
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Sunflowers, Gardens, and Bees, Oh My!
By singleswordacademy
I’ve been hearing about the honeybee colony collapse issue for a while now, and as a maker of a pretty fine mead (honey wine) as well as a home gardener, this affects me directly (not to mention what it could do to the national food …
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Among the words that have madi it to list of runners-up for 2007 Word of the Year are: colony collapse disorder,cougar,previvor,social graph, and upcycling. Source: COM-ACT Vol. XIII No. 4 SY 07-08.

Beehive Threatens Bees with Amendment Bill (press release) – New Zealand
In addition, other bee diseases could be introduced such as European Foulbrood and Colony Collapse Disorder which is currently being linked to the …
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Three honeybees…
By May(May)
Apiaries are having a hard time not only with Varroa mites, but this new and devastating problem called CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder). The subject of Mason bees came up during a conversation last week. I’ve seen them in the wildflowers …
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Agri – Culture: To bee or not to bee
The first case of CCD – Colony Collapse Disorder was reported in 2006. The disorder has beekeepers perplexed when they check their colonies in early spring. In some cases the entire colony has died and in other cases, the entire colony …
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New Chill Around the Hives
By Alex Roslin(Alex Roslin)
Some beekeepers are blasting provincial agriculture officials for inaction, saying they should acknowledge that “colony collapse disorder” has migrated north of the border. CCD is a phenomenon in which seemingly healthy bees suddenly …
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CCD Radio : BeeHuman Podcast!
By eeryder
BeeHuman Part 1 “Geek Down” J Dilla “Bee Hunting” Chris Harvey with Eric Feinstein text : memory altered passages from “dictionary of symbolism” by hans biedermann and “the penguin dictionary of symbols” by jean chevalier and john …
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By Nicole Lang(Nicole Lang)
CCD is a term we will unfortunately be hearing more of I am sure, as scientists struggle to find an answer to the worldwide honeybee crisis. Hives are disappearing and as ” one out of every three bites of food humans consume is directly …

Linkity Links
By Robin(Robin)
At Haagen Dazs’s Help the Honeybees you can learn about the honeybee crisis (happening now in the USA) as well as create and send your own animated bee. and The Top 100 April Fool’s Day Hoaxes of All Time has a description of exactly …
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New Zealand Bees Under Attack?
By Maryam Henein
In addition, other bee diseases could be introduced such as European Foulbrood and Colony Collapse Disorder which is currently being linked to the importation of live bees from Australia. This Disorder is proving to be a major problem …
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