Bee study needs help from you – Miami,FL,USA
JEFF BARNARD / AP At least 25 percent of our honey bees have died in what scientists call Colony Collapse Disorder. In addition to suffering from killer …
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Strange illness makes beekeeping a challenge
Schenectady Gazette – Schenectady,NY,USA
Now, we have to worry about things like mites, beetles and colony collapse,” he said. Various pests have been threatening the survival of honeybees over the …
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apis mellifera
By nathan
I attribute this newfound fascination to the fact that I’ve been reading a lot about Colony Collapse Disorder, which frightens the piss out of me, and also to this article in The Onion, which did a wonderful job of putting any apiphobia …
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Review: Genghis Tron – Board Up the House (2008)
By cody
8 Colony Collapse 4:01 9 The Feast 1:56 10 Ergot 1:14 11 Relief. Mookie Singerman – Vocals and Keyboards Hamilton Jordon – Guitars and Drum Programming Michael Sochynsky – Keyboards and Drum Programming. Relapse Records …
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AP Centerpiece: SD honeybees _ busy here and on the road
Biloxi Sun Herald – MS, USA
Now, in preparation for the honey-making season in South Dakota, he’s working to get back to full strength from a mystery called colony collapse disorder. …
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American honeybee population down 60% in 2 years, reseachers baffled
By Sal Peralta
During the last two years, 50 percent of hives and 60 percent of the honey bee population in the United States has died due to what scientists are calling “colony collapse disorder”. Despite the severity of this crisis, …
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Colony Collapse Disorder: What can we expect this growing season?
Beaver County Times – Beaver,PA,USA
Colony Collapse Disorder, the name given to the die-offs of a still undetermined nature, appears to be spreading to wider portions of the country as the …
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The Great Sunflower Project
By rusty in miami(rusty in miami)
At least 25 percent of our honeybees have died in what scientist call the Colony Collapse Disorder. That means commercial crops such as almonds, apples, berries, melons and the bounty of our own gardens, which are pollinated by …
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