Vanishing Bee Colonies, Doomsday Scenarios and Sunspots
By radit74
In Europe countries are experiencing varying degrees of what investigators describe as “colony collapse disorder” (or CCD). Countries effected include Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece. However the most serious …
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Beekeeping course attracts plenty of interest in state
Cherry Hill Courier Post – Cherry Hill,NJ,USA
A mysterious phenomenon called Colony Collapse Disorder has devastated beekeepers across the nation. Bees leave their hives to collect nectar, …
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Death of the Bees & GMOs
By bittur
The Economic impact of the bee colony collapse would mean inflation, scarcity of agricultural commodities, and ultimately the collapse of North American agriculture. The Environmental Impact of scarcity and increased demand for …
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Archive Review 1
By Elaine Vigneault
Animal Intelligence – animals are smarter than you think; No Honey, Honey – colony collapse disorder and it’s relation to animal agriculture. I also encourage you to please read what I’ve written at Vegan Soapbox, Stuff Meat People Like …
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By Pete
An eye on the end of the world. Seedvault Lunar Ark Jamais Cascio’s Eschatological Taxonomy Peak Oil Vs. Global Warming Colony Collapse Disorder Zombie Science Nanotech Glossary Wilkins Ice Shelf Collapse.
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Lights Out, Enlightenment In
By Thew(Thew)
Like the devastation of colony collapse disorder, its causes are unknown. Thanks to GGP for the tip. But it is a sad way to learn a new word: hibernaculum, (pl. hibernacula), from the Latin for winter residence (see the Hibernians, …
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Casey discusses Farm Bill with students
Penn State Live – PA,USA
Earlier in the day, Casey visited Penn State’s apiary, where researchers in the College of Agricultural Sciences are studying Colony Collapse Disorder, …
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By deaconjg1987(deaconjg1987)
In the intervening time following the identification of the malady now known as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), things haven’t gotten any better for the nation’s bees, which pollinate about one-third of US crops—some $15 billion worth. …
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Learn Something About…Bees
By delightfuleccentric
This is called Colony Collapse Disorder, or CCD. Forget about a shortage of honey – the real concern is that bees are responsible for pollination. Without bees, many crops are threatened, including avocados, peaches, strawberries, …
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