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Columbus Honey bees plentiful in Ohio this year
Bedford Times Register – Bedford,OH,USA
But no one is saying the Colony Collapse Disorder, which leads bees to abandon their hives, is gone. Scientists are still struggling to understand what’s …
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Dadant & Sons Inc. helping with honey bee mystery
Keokuk Gate City Daily – Keokuk,IA,USA
These problems and more are being examined by scientists to find an explanation for Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), a condition where worker bees from a bee …
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Bat Deaths Baffling Researchers
Popular Science – New York,NY,USA
Scientists have labeled the phenomenon Colony Collapse Disorder, or CCD. Dead bees mean less crop pollination, which means less food at higher prices. …
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Coastal Post – Bolinas,CA,USA
For the past year or so, the media has been covering the worldwide disappearance of bees, which has come to be known as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). …
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SES New York: Social Media & Why It Matters (Part 4)
By Brian Cosgrove
YouTube was used for a client who wanted to distribute a PSA about the declining number of Bees: Colony Collapse Disorder. While other video networks were used, the biggest benefits came from YouTube. The “About This Video” section lets …
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Thursday Thirteen – Save the bees
By Open Grove Claudia
Basically, various beekeepers around the country are creating a new species of honey bee which they hope are resistant to the mites and diseases which make up Colony Collapse Disorder. We are getting our queens this year from ZiaQueen. …

The Los Angeles Times in 60 Seconds: Bees, Brandy, and Beans
By Sarah J. Gim
California’s almond industry is suffering as a result of Colony Collapse Disorder, but the secret death of bees isn’t keeping area pastry chefs from using honey: Wildflower honey, apple and goat cheese tart, Honey shortcakes with …
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The Wednesday Wrap: Food News to Go
By Brad Thomas Parsons
Bee Season: Russ Parsons chronicles Colony Collapse Disorder and how the shrinking honeybee population is affecting California’s almond industry. [LA Times]. Indiana Jones and the Summer Wedding Catered by the Naked Chef: Rumors are …
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Bats are dying
By admin
This story has been around for a few weeks, but it’s just made it into the popular press: in a situation somewhat like that of the “Colony Collapse Disorder” that kills bees, millions of bats are being killed by something that has been …
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Five on Food: Articles from the Wednesday Dining Pages
By melissamccart
After colony collapse disorder, the cost of bringing bees back to California. 4) Kids’ Menus Grow Up. San Francisco Chronicle. No more chicken fingers and hot dogs. Bring on foie gras and frogs’ legs. At least one of them tastes like …
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Bees keep family business buzzing
The Columbian – Vancouver,WA,USA
Lieuallen’s business is still thriving in the face of a declining market nationwide, mainly because of a “colony collapse disorder.” The disorder, which has …
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