Organic Beekeepers Not Affected By Colony Collapse Disorder
By Tomas Dennis(Tomas Dennis)
Organic Beekeepers Not Affected By Colony Collapse Disorder. To me this is good news but in our area it would be hard to find bees not affected by chemicals.
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NJ bee colonies bussing back to life after last year’s collapse
Press of Atlantic City – Atlantic City,NJ,USA
Eisele lost 9 of his hives last year to colony collapse disorder. Last year lots of bees mysteriously disappeared because of colony collapse disorder. …
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By Renata Diiulio
Did you know that there is a Honey Bee crisis? Neither did we until Mortar’s favorite ice cream mentioned it…Haagen-Dazs has brought awareness to this cause by thanking the Honey Bees for bringing us such lovely delights as: “Cherry …
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Making & Installing Handmade Tiles. Angelica Pozo. Lark Books …
By chardy
Dubbed “Colony Collapse Disorder,” this mysterious phenomenon has affected bees in the United States, Canada, Europe and South America. Recently scientists identified a virus originally found in Israel in the affected bees. …
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Finding the unexpected
By Russell Steele
Russ Steele Anthony Watts has a very interesting discussion this morning on the Bee Colony Collapse, suggesting reductions in the Sun’s ultra violet emissions and geomagnetic activity may be responsible. In researching the Sun’s impact …
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Mead an ancient alcoholic drink made from honey enjoying a revival
The Canadian Press –
Last year’s loss of millions of bees across North America, in what was called Colony Collapse Disorder, did not affect the Romans’ apiaries, says Spytkowsky …
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Bee plague worsening, anxious keepers say
By Maryam Henein
In the intervening time following the identification of the malady now known as Colony Collapse Disorder, things haven’t gotten any better for the nation’s bees, which pollinate about one-third of US crops — some $15 billion worth. …
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Honeybees Vanish, Leaving Keepers in Peril – New York Times
As researchers scramble to find answers to the syndrome they have decided to call “colony collapse disorder,” growers are becoming openly nervous about the …