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The Honeybee Crisis. By Matthew Zeltzer. Honeybees are very important insects. Not only do they make delicious honey they are the major pollinators of food …

Bee plague worsening, anxious keepers say
Palm Beach Post – FL, United States
In the intervening time following the identification of the malady now known as Colony Collapse Disorder, things haven’t gotten any better for the nation’s …
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Our changing sun and colony collapse disorder in bees
By wattsupwiththat
Colony Collapse Disorder in honeybees has made the news worldwide in this past year, while there are some junk science explanations out there, such as “Are mobile phones wiping out our bees?” it would seem that explanation to be …
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In pictures: Colony collapse
By Penelope(Penelope)
Photo taken by me 10-13-07. In California, the almond orchards are in blossom and millions of honeybees are at work pollinating. Without the honey-bees the orchards will die. But something is causing bees to vanish by the thousands, …