Accident is ‘beekeeper’s worst nightmare’
Yakima Herald-Republic – Yakima,WA,USA
She said beekeeping has become a migratory business in recent years, and more drastically in recent months, as “Colony Collapse Disorder” has caused a …
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Bee colony collapse dilemma still a mystery
Meadville Tribune – Meadville,PA,USA
By Ryan Smith For those studying the colony collapse dilemma that continues to affect bee populations around the country, it seems, at least for now, …
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Vanishing honeybee colonies continue to trouble Virginia
Science Centric – Sofia,Sofia Town,Bulgaria
More than 2000 beekeepers in Virginia face the possibility of losing entire bee colonies to the Colony Collapse Disorder, but through Virginia Cooperative …
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BBC | North America to publish bee story
By micahalbert
Little is understood about the phenomenon called colony collapse disorder, but this year many bee keepers have lost over half of their hives. With over 1.2 million hives needed to pollinate the state’s 550000 acre crop, keepers from …

Checking The Olga Hive In Winter
By birdchick(birdchick)
When I was at the meeting, I learned that lots of keepers up here lost hives over the winter, some to the cold temps like we did and some to possible Colony Collapse. I met one woman who said that she lost five of her six hives. …
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The bee’s knees
Tahlequah Daily Press – Tahlequah,OK,USA
He hasn’t seen any signs of Colony Collapse Disorder with any of his bees. He keeps good records and books on all he goes, even the time he goes out. …
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Bees making news in the Telegraph
By admin
I’ve recently read a couple of interesting articles in the Telegraph newspaper regarding the possible challenges facing beekeepers in the UK in the face of the apparent global spread of Colony Collapse Disorder. …
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The Birds and the Bees
By Jack DeAngelis, Ph.D.(Jack DeAngelis, Ph.D.)
The following post was sent to me by John Green of Longview, WA and concerns the possible link between certain insecticides and Colony Collapse Disorder in honey bees. The suspect insecticides belong to a new class called neonicotinoids …
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