Bees on the Loose
By Devorah(Devorah)
… after being used in the San Joaquin Valley to pollinate crops. Colony Collapse Disorder – the mysterious disappearance of the world’s bees: why it is happening now:

Now, that stings! Escapee bees swarm am commute
CNN International – USA
… to farmers for pollination, have become even more precious in recent months because of a nationwide shortage due to “Colony Collapse Disorder,” or CCD. …
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Surviving Honey Bees Recaptured After Truck Overturns In California
But because of some mysterious ailment called Colony Collapse Disorder that is killing the insects, along with infections by mites, the bees are in short …
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Chinook Colony Collapse Disorder
By Gerry Gomez Pearlberg(Gerry Gomez Pearlberg)
In other bad environmental news, there’s a disturbing article in today’s New York Times about the total disappearance of the Chinook Salmon in the Sacramento River. The article describes the situation as “the almost complete collapse of …

Millions of bees let loose when truck tips
United Press International – USA
… bees are a particularly precious commodity because of a mysterious phenomenon affecting bees in the United States known as Colony Collapse Disorder. …
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By John Grigsby(John Grigsby)
And they are truly fascinating to watch as they diligently go about their work. Has anyone here had any experience with bee keeping? If so, can you offer some advice about getting started and how to avoid Colony Collapse Disorder or …
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Odd bee article – for several reasons
By awhayes
5) There is a tremendous acronym used here – the CCD. I can’t wait to start using this and then look at people incredulously when they don’t know that I’m refering to the “Colony Collapse Disorder”.
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Colony Collapse Disorder?
By Fungster(k-mad)
Or just Quinny on da loose…perhaps he thought the honey was beer? Bear convicted for theft of honey By Paddy Clark BBC News The taste of honey was just too tempting for a bear in Macedonia, which repeatedly raided a beekeeper’s hives. …

A round-up of facts and figures from Hansard
Times Online – UK
A watchful eye is being kept on the honey bee, under threat from the deadly colony collapse disorder responsible for wiping out eight in ten bee populations …
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12 Million Bees Loosed on Sacramento Freeway
By julie
Colony Collapse Disorder resulted in a massive, nationwide die off last year with scientists unsure of the cause. It is attributed variously to the varroa or tracheal mite, commercial stress, and overuse of pesticides on their food …
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More Bad Luck for California Honeybees
Photo: © Stockbyte/Getty Images First Colony Collapse Disorder. Then honeybee heists by sneaky bee bandits. There’s an expression that bad things come in three’s, and for California honeybees that seems to… Insects –