Honeybees get help from popular ice cream company
The California Aggie Online – Davis,CA,USA
HÀagen-Dazs has launched a campaign to save the honey bees from the condition known as Colony Collapse Disorder. The campaign includes donating $250000 to …
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By fred
Sixty Minutes had a segment recently on Colony Collapse situation in honeybees. It’s worth watching if you want an overview on the situation from one beekeeper’s perspective–a guy that’s been in the business for years and was the first …
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Madam Jane predicts the future: “No Country for Old Cows…”
By Administrator
Experts are at a loss to explain the fall in honey bee populations in America, with fears of that a new disease, the effects of pollution or the increased use of pesticides could be to blame for “colony collapse disorder”. …
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Beehive heists escalate
Capital Press (subscription) – Salem,OR,USA
Some beekeepers are losing more than half their colonies to the mysterious condition known as Colony Collapse Disorder. And when that happens, …
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SF/F Links: February Roundup Part Two
By S.M.D.(S.M.D.)
Haagen Dazs wants to help with the honey bee problem (you know, that they’re dying out due to things like Colony Collapse Disorder). How are they going to help? Make a bee-themed honey ice cream and give the profits to bee research. …
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Money-Gone Guarantee
By Joel
A bizarre malady known as Colony Collapse Disorder has killed billions of bees in the US during the last two years. Since scientists have not yet identified the cause of this scourge, the folks over at the USDA worry that …
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Boric acid a good, safe remedy for cockroaches
San Francisco Chronicle – CA, USA
Q: I am concerned with the effects of the apple moth spraying in the Bay Area on colony collapse disorder in honeybees. What is your opinion? …
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