Your World and Colony Collapse Disorder.
By Visible(Visible)
It’s not just the bees who are experiencing Colony Collapse Disorder. It’s happening on many levels and there is no telling where we will be left once critical mass occurs. We are in a very uncertain state. The Turkish army is in Iraq . …
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Add sugar to the list…
By CSA Farmer Girl(CSA Farmer Girl)
And some people have suggested that colony collapse disorder might be exacerbated by GMO foods, not to mention the increased herbicide (Glyphosate) load in the sugar which my delicate bees are now eating. …
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‘Honey-Do’ list shorter at UCD
Daily Democrat – Woodland,CA,USA
By KATHY KEATLEY GARVEY The Harry Laidlaw Bee Facility at UC Davis has received a $100000 donation to do research behind the causes of colony collapse …
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Simon chimes in
By tenders
Like the bees afflicted by Colony Collapse Disorder, which has wiped out 90% of them in parts of the US, bats in the Northeast are dropping off by the thousands. The ones remaining, they say, are too emaciated to last the winter. …
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The Bats and the Bees
Experts estimate that last year’s Colony Collapse Disorder claimed nearly one third of all American beehives. Swiftly and mysteriously the tiny pollinators — normally very territorial — flew off, leaving behind empty homes and a swarm …
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Plight of the Bumblebee
By ceara08
Honey bees have also been decimated, by a mysterious disease called Colony Collapse Disorder, but this does not affect bumblebees. Modern farming methods, which have covered the countryside in pesticides and destroyed wild flower beds, …
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Bee Mystery Remains Unsolved
WXIA-TV – Atlanta,GA,USA
“Colony collapse disorder” the scientists called it, a clinical sounding description for a devastating condition: bees by the tens of millions disappearing …
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