Sunday Talking Head Thread
By Christy Hardin Smith
What’s Wrong With The Bees: Over the past year, some beekeepers have lost up to 90 percent of their hives to what scientists have named colony collapse disorder. Because honeybees help to produce a third of the foods we eat, …

Scientists Search for Clues To Bee Mystery
By curiouscat
Watching as scientists try to work out what is going on with Colony Collapse Disorder is a great lesson in how scientists search for answers. As I stated earlier much of science is not about simple obvious truths but a search through …
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Hell Yeah Haagen Dazs!
By *my Dr**(*my Dr**)
The plight of the honey bee has a new hero in Haagen-Dazs the ice cream maker, who have returned one of their classic flavors ‘Vanilla Honey Bee’ to their line-up to call attention to the honey bee colony collapse disorder. …
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In a room designed to hold about 450 people, a record breaking 800 strained to hear and see a host of speakers present the latest information on Colony Collapse Disorder. More were out in the hall trying to get in. …

Where Is the Beef? Where Are the Bees? Planet in Peril
By ented(ented)
If we were only assess to what is observable among the insect community, we might realize there is reason to be startled. A known fact is, in America alone, 27 states have experienced bee colony collapse. Countries abroad document the . …
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Bees In Crisis: Penn State Agriculture Magazine
By Blue sky
A malady known as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) has decimated commercial and some hobby beekeeping operations across the country, with some beekeepers reporting losses as high as 100 percent. The disorder first was reported to the …
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Post Hiatus Thoughts, Farm Bill Infatuation, World Ag Expo
By Deliberately
This feeling of desolation has only been deepened by the realization yesterday that 60 Minutes will re-air their coverage of colony collapse disorder on tonight’s episode, which while good on the surface only underscores that news on …
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Local beekeepers could boost bee population
Bees were abandoning their hives, buzzing off to die somewhere, and no one could figure out where they went and why they were leaving.The problem, dubbed colony collapse disorder, claimed at least a quarter of the country’s …
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Mix them all up in one big mash, and what have you got? Hungarian …
By austin_dern(austin_dern)
So on top of the bee colony collapse now we’ve got a collapse of the Chinese buffet restaurant industry in a certain section of New Jersey. There’s all sorts of things to worry about these days. Trivia: “Chinese-restaurant syndrome”, …
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