New Bees on the Block
Plenty Magazine – New York,NY,USA
But in 2006, colony collapse disorder hit nearly a quarter of US commercial beekeeping operations, which lost between 50 and 90 percent of their hives. …
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The Daily WAR (10-15)
By The Daily Warrior(The Daily Warrior)
Amid this need, what’s called CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) has resulted in a loss of 50-90% of beehives in the US. The stakes are high, but a year after colony collapse appeared, there are still more questions than answers. …
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Honeybees may be wiped out in 10 years
By Xeno
The losses are being blamed on Colony Collapse Disorder, a disease that has severely affected bee populations in America and Europe, and a resistant form of Varroa destructor, a parasitic mite that affects bees. …
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By skyrianbee(skyrianbee)
It may be a contributing factor to Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) which is threatening hives throughout North America. Against varroa i’ m using organic treatment such as essential oils. Essential Oils for Mite Control in Honeybee …
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